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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

January 21, 2013

My interpretation of ‘Beyond‘ is not the literal interpretation of looking beyond a certain object. It has somewhat to do with the human psyche. How we look beyond some of the day-to-day tasks and understand the emotions or the thoughts behind those tasks.

Beyond the hard work...

Beyond the hard work…

In the Picture above, what do you see? A fisherman untangling the fishing net, getting ready for his job of the day. The focus in his eyes is unmistakable. Some of us probably look like that while we work furiously at our excel sheets..  But what do you see Beyond that? That would be his 9-year old son. Look at his eyes. Look at his expressions. Look at his Focus. The child, probably at an age when he should be out playing with his buddies or should be up to some mischief, is learning the job from his father. He has duties and responsibilities that he has to fulfill.

Beyond the hard work of the fisherman’s daily job, is his child learning the ropes at the tender age of nine, taking his duties towards the household very seriously.

Beyond success

Beyond success

What’s the first thing that you see in this picture? The green, very healthy crops dotting the landscape. They are swaying in the slight breeze, waiting to be harvested so that they can fulfill their duties of feeding the human species. But then beyond the produce, there is the farmer looking at his production, hoping and wishing that it is healthy. You could see the hesitance in his posture, maybe stemming from the hope of a healthy produce. But you can also see the determination and resolute that he is proud of his harvest and he knows it will do him proud.

Beyond success there lies a heady mix of determination, hope and hesitance, all rolled into one.. that makes success all the sweeter and memorable.

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  2. January 23, 2013 7:51 AM

    I really liked your interpretations, and you went a bit ‘beyond the simple analysis of an image’, to something deeper, something that most of us do not have time to think about… what’s the boy thinking… the farmer’s look at his success, after his hard work… those things pass by most of us, unnoticed… 😮 Nice take on the theme…

    • tanuanand permalink*
      February 6, 2013 10:40 AM

      Thank you! I was trying to really look for a story! 🙂

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