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The Ten T’s

January 18, 2013

So Pallavi decided to do the 10 P’s of her life and tagged me on it. You all know what that means, right? Means, I gotta do a post on the 10 T’s of my Life…. *whines*

And of course, I am not as lucky as Pallavi; all the things that I love or things that define me, unfortunately do not start with a damn T… *mild curses* But we gotta write, don’t we? So here goes my (not funny) 10 T’s … and this one is dedicated to Pallavi and my co-ideator Monika… 😉

Tomato looking : Whaat? It starts with a T!! So here is a little truth about me.. Whenever I get angry, just seething and wanting to whack the first person I see, my face betrays me! I turn RED. Yup.. true story! My cheeks slowly turn a shade of red and considering I have pretty well-rounded cheeks, hence the reference to the tomato! And of course the person in my line of sight shivers to death. You could call it my Secret Superpower! 😉

Thappad giving : yus! I love the good ‘ol slap! Ask my little sister.. she has been one of the lucky few 😉 Whenever I want to express the above-mentioned anger, I usually say “One tight slap”… and again, the person in my line of sight shivers to death! 😉 I still remember in Grade 6, when a friend betrayed my trust and went behind my back, I calmly walked out of my house as she was passing by and gave her a resounding one! *adjusts the halo*… Well, that is how I dealt with it, sue me! ha!

Toilet training : I can’t help it if my parents decided to name me with a letter that is also the start of the Toilet! *hmph* So I am a huge sanitation lover! I walk into the restroom and I need it to be clean.. like really clean! I cannot deal with even wayward water droplets! The reason this is called ‘Toilet trained’ is because, in my previous company, finding that the women’s loo was wrecked by the recent new joinees, I made sure I pointed out every girl’s mess as and when it happened, pretty shamelessly. The look on their faces was quite a victory for me. And of course the clean toilets were back in action.. yay!

Traffic hating : The reason I do not Drive, particularly in Bangalore.. I hate the traffic. Now, you are going to say, ‘who doesn’t?’… well, I hate it so much that even when I sit in the passenger seat or even the back seat, I mouth the choicest of words for every single rule-breaker, honk-lover, lane-switcher that exist! So much so that the husband is scared of me and tries to calm me down! ha! I remember, we were once stuck in a horrible traffic and this annoying uncle in the car behind us, kept on honking. So I got out of the car, walked up to the Uncle, smiled and said, “Sorry Uncle but the wings on our car are not working currently. So we can’t fly. And your honking is not gonna enable the growth of my car’s wings. So Quit Honking!”.. yup! that was a goooood feeling…

Taal following : Taal in English means Beats. I am a dancer for life. A passion, a reason, a motivation and a need! Dance is something that is constantly with me at every step of the way.. I listen to music or I have a song playing in my head.. there is constant creation of beats and steps that is happening. Following the Taal is my karma… yup!

Travel devoting: Born with wandering feet and an itch to see every inch of the world, travel is another aspect that defines me. Since I was a kid, I have been traveling with my parents, exploring the length and breadth of this country. I am an explorer; leave me alone in a place and I will find things to do and things to see for the next 24 hours.. and more. Nothing makes me happier than charting out travel plans, some dreamy, some real. Something I am so passionate about, I would like to make a serious career out of it.. *fingers crossed*

Tequila detesting : yes! I hate Tequila. Every time I have had it, I have been miserable. No no no.. it has not been a happy drunky me… It has been a annoying cranky me! Tequila is probably the worst tasting liquor out there. There, I said it. I do not like Tequila and it does not make me happy. Ergo, Detest Tequila…

Talli being: Now, don’t look at the above point and then look at this and raise your eyebrows, OK? I never said I don’t like any liquor!! Every one and anyone who knows me, knows I am a lover of all things liquorish! Even my mother has a you-dont-have-wine-in-your-hand-somethings-wrong line up her sleeve. What to do? I do love the Wine and the Dark Rum.. they make me happy! And most of the time, especially weekends and Wednesdays and happy days and sad days and rainy days — you will find me, being very Talli me! 😀

Talk-a-thon contesting: My mother could write this one for me. Since in school, she has dreaded those (almost) regular phone calls. The calls when the teachers have asked her to come to school and take complains of her daughter, who just ‘talks too much‘!! Yup, if you ever have trouble spotting me.. just look for a short, jumpy, hyper woman who is constantly yapping! I could participate in a talk-a-thon and bring the Gold home! I also think that the husband is now partially hard of hearing… or perhaps mastered the art of ignoring.. yikes!

Tough ME : yeah.. it may appear from points 1 through 9 that I am not your average girly girl. I believe I am tough.. or I would like to be. I do well under pressure and I do well at goodbyes. I cry in solitude and I don’t let people closest to me know that I am hurting or sad. I put up a brave happy face for the world even when I know I am scared, confused and unsure inside. I handle a crisis situation with the finesse of a military mission and even when I am shitting my pants, I let the other person know ‘Its gonna be ok!’ . I am fiercely protective about my girlfriends so much so that when we are walking on the road, I am always on the lookout for creepy men. Tough me? Tough me!

Thank you for reading the 10 T’s .. that define me, are me! 🙂

And now I tag the one and only little sister in this one.. just coz I wanna mess with her.. Shitika 😀

  1. January 18, 2013 2:42 PM

    Damn you!
    P.s. this is hilarious

  2. January 18, 2013 2:47 PM

    Hi Tanu, Loved reading your 10 toilet trainned and traffice hating..I loved the line you used at that man honking 🙂

  3. Ashok Mario Pereira permalink
    January 19, 2013 6:41 PM

    Loved it !!!


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