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Travel is my life. I work to travel. I breathe to backpack. I dream to see the world. So much so that, I like to spend my (spare) time planning trips and itineraries. Now that I have lived 1/4th of my life and moving on to a phase of identifying my goals and meeting them, I am taking baby steps towards realizing my dream of a Traveller.

I don’t have a formal degree in travel. Nor do I have any professional experience.  But who says you can’t hone those skills that make you feel complete? So when I have found my calling, it is time to work towards the dream.

Some online street cred:

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Leading Indian travel bloggers and what makes them tick – an interview

A step towards making the spare time activity, real time is this:


So I am a Travel Ninja with Basically you tell me where you want to go and your preferences and your needs and your travel dream; I make the Travel Plan for you. Complete with flights, accommodation  to-dos, to-eats etc. So you are free of doing any research and going crazy! Fun, right? *cough cough* Anyone looking to make a travel plan? 🙂

And now, here is a list of travelogues I have written and (hopefully) I will keep adding to this. Let’s chase the dream, shall we?

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