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Exotic Krabi.. through my Lens!

April 16, 2011

This post can be tagged as the “most delayed post known” considering I got down to blogging about my fabulous visit to Thailand, 6 months later. Ah! Thailand… a beautiful, exotic, feisty and absolutely charming destination. Thailand is probably the most ‘visited’ holiday destination and I will certainly not claim that I have seen it all. 6 days were all we had and we decided to explore the Southern part of it…Krabi, Phi Phi and Railey Beach…

I don’t want to make this a text heavy post. But all I want to say is.. Thailand, for me, was a potpourri of beaches, exotic cuisine, fiery nightlife and laze-inducing aura. The first thing that struck me when I landed in Krabi was.. The enchanting colors! The bright blue of the sky, the lush green of the foliage and the absolutely clear turquoise of the waters..set amidst the peculiar rock formations, synonymous with this part of Thailand.

As the long-tailed boat ideally rocks in the serene waters… the beauty of Thailand enthrall all…
One of our favorite activities was Snorkeling in the clear waters of Thailand! Oh the variety of Fishes! The vibrant colors…the exotic nature..! Another a-whole-new-experience was Kayaking. We drove down to Ao Thalane, 2 hours from Ao Nang, Krabi. We Kayaked through hidden interior lagoons and mysterious limestone sea caves of the mangroves jungles, which are accessible only during low-tide. Kayaking provided the perfect way to explore the hidden exotic beauty of interior Thailand..through the maze of mangrove forest. The peace, tranquility and enthralling nature.. was all worth the effort! 🙂
The Exotic flavors of the fresh fish! Lemongrass, basil, curry leaves, coconut, bright fresh vegetables were the highlights of our gastronomical journey through Thailand! Of course…the vibrancy of the cuisine was accompanied by the razzle-dazzle of the exotic lamps and lanterns…..

If Thailand had to be described in 1 word, it would be -EXOTIC! In 6 days, i was able to experience such contrasting sights… peace of mind… charming people… stunning views… enchanting locales…
A perfect dream! A perfect Getaway!



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