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Tanu In a Nutshell

Wine. Shoes. More Wine. More Shoes. Dance. Music. Sunshine. Beaches. More Wine. Laughter. Dream. Write. Dream. Create. Travel. Explore. Food. Love. 

I like to consider myself Zesty-Spirited-Painfully Positive-Free-Uninhibited. I will always see the Glass-Half-full and I am easily the ear/shoulder for my friends. When I am not making travel itineraries, you will mostly catch me talking animatedly to a bunch of friends and dancing to myself at the same time. I am passionate about food – one of the reasons i cant be size zero.

Professional Me: I am a Marketing & Communications Expert. I love my job because it keeps my brain cells working and keeps the challenges alive. Anything creative makes my day. Wanting to conquer the world of MarComm is a dream I am working towards.

PS: I am still trying to think of the perfect Introduction to myself. So please consider this Work-in-Progress. 🙂



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  1. June 4, 2011 11:09 PM

    We should definitely bond over coffee again 🙂 This time I hardly got to talk

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