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Stop! Please stop Murdering the Girl Child

April 12, 2012

I am quite disturbed with the death of Baby Hina (name changed) in Bangalore. Her father beat her to the extent that she had to go on life support. Her mother was tortured because she bore a girl child. Her twin sister was murdered while in the womb. Her dadi-dada (grandparents) tortured her and her mother too. The world just got worse.
Every report I read, brought out a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach accompanied by tears stinging the eyelids. And rage too. Pure rage. How a father can do this to his 3-months old baby, is beyond my understanding.. Beyond any humane understanding.

Dear uneducated and insensitive Men of the world and their parents,
You do know that its the sperm that determines the sex of the baby and not the egg, right? If not, I suggest you take sex-ed classes ASAP. Imagine a world with only men. Who would your sons marry? How will you become grand and great-grand parents? Answer me. Which part of your brain allows you to torture and victimize your wives/daughter-in-laws in order to get a son? Requesting you to ditch your archaic ideologies. Requesting you to educate yourselves. Requesting you to please stop.

I wish 3rd-degree torture for Hina’s father. But I also know, there are many insensitive husbands and their families out there who continue to torture women because they give birth to girls. My maid in Gurgaon gave birth to 9 girls in 10 years. Why? Her husband wanted a boy. She continued to kill her body to please her husband till my mother took her to the hospital and got her operated. Looked like the only way, the husband would stop.

I am on Outrage Maximus Mode in my head right now. This heinous crime has been brought to the front because Hina’s mother spoke. I request all those women, to-be mothers, already-mothers to speak.. Speak to NGOs, media, us.. Don’t be quiet. Don’t be scared. Speak. You have a lot of support. I promise you.

This violence must stop. This is not the kind of world that girls should come in to. You know that.

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  1. April 25, 2012 7:41 PM

    Incredible India so the Incredible INDIANS !!

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