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Meet Kay Mehra in ‘The Reluctant Detective’ by Kiran Manral…

January 17, 2012

I came across Kiran Manral on Twitter about a year ago and the first thing that struck me about her was her ‘exuberance‘ for life. She has her very unique way of describing things around her and her peppy observations always caught my eye. Be it the chronicles of her life with “brat” (her adorable son), her intricate observations on life and its many offerings, her dedication to India Helps or her innate support to VAW, I have always looked up to Kiran as somewhat of a role model.

Needless to say, when I heard that her début novel is coming out soon, I was literally counting days to when I can talk about it! Yes.. The Reluctant Detective is here to conquer your girly heart, make a place in your shopaholic-crazy world and here to bring that “I-know-what-you-mean” smile on your face!

The Reluctant Detective

My copy arrived last Friday and I have already dipped myself into it, head first. Fun, intriguing, girly, dreamy and filled with anecdotes, this is one book I am itching to finish. It has humor and all you women will definitely go “oooh yes! so true” when you read about the smudged nail paint and the struggles with the weight! Although, will speak more about the book when I finish it, in a different post.

But, this post is dedicated to the wish to dream and then owning that dream. A lot of us go through life wanting to do “this” and “that” and “even that” but very few of us make it the purpose of our life to live the dream. I believe that Kiran Manral is an example of doing what the heart desires, making dreams come true and living life as it should be… with complete abandoned happiness. As expressed earlier, her love for life, society and its people are evident from her online persona.

Kiran Manral is the woman to look out for, ladies and gentlemen and trust me, from the 2 chapters that I have read of the book, this will be a tough one to not like! It will steal your heart, make you smile and will be that comforting dark chocolate of books that you need when you snuggle in your blanket and decide to have some me-time! I am especially inclined towards novels that go into details of explaining the scene set-up and Kiran’s The Reluctant Detective is just that… it is almost like I am in the and taking the journey with Kanan Mehra.

So what are you waiting for! Time to open that ‘new tab‘ in your browser and use any of the below links to buy your copy today. Trust me when I say this.. you don’t come across such a so-real-that-it-seems-like-its-my-life kinda book everyday. And if you are not grinning, smiling and loving Life by the end of it, well, write back to me and I may drill some sense into you! 😉






And if you still wanna know more about what the book is about, follow the book blog and don’t forget to LIKE
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