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Book Review: The Imperfect (Perfect) Mr. Right

April 21, 2012

Imperfect Mr. Right

Can an ordinary perfume salesman become India’s most eligible bachelor?

The question stares at you from the bright pink book cover with the embedded “Imperfect Mr. Right”  and “Shakti Salgaokar” stretched boldly across it. I know Shakti from Twitter and admired her a lot, virtually. But when I made the much required weekend trip to Mumbai, I got to meet the spirited author and spent a much giggly and girly breakfast (read: Brunch)morning with her, Ruchi and Aparna. Before I indulge in giving you dope on the book, I would like to take a few minutes and give you a peek into Shakti’s personality. She could liven up a place by just walking in. Her articles grip you. Her passion for baking inspires you. She is a strong individual and an absolute powerhouse! Now before you think, this is a review about the author, you are wrong! The reason I tell you these very lovable personality traits is because they reflect so beautifully in this gem of a début novel.

Rahul Rajgopal is an ordinary salesman, your guy-next-door that every girl befriends, every aunt adores and every man admires. He is instantly likeable, has a beautiful extrovert personality and is honestly very content with his simple lifestyle in the bustling city of Mumbai. Tanya Kher is the strong-headed, in-your-face, individualistic and ambitious Media Planner with big career dreams that she has carefully charted out for herself since she was a teenager. She is not cut out for air kissing and is a workaholic. Her world turns upside-down when she catches her colleagues making fun of her when she wins Employee of the Year, third time in a row and realizes that her life is really very empty. She runs away from it all to find inner strength, peace and maybe, companionship.

Avinash Menon is a ruthless and manipulative head of Cee TV and only cares about the moolah. When Avinash spots Rahul, in a glitzy mall of Mumbai, he believes he can make a successful show (read: heightened TRPs) if he transforms him into a polished, suave and a multi-millionaire Rajsigh Jaiswal who comes to Mumbai and participates in a reality show to choose the Perfect Mrs. Right for himself among 30 women fighting for his attention and love. What happens when Tanya, who participates in the show as a favour to her friend and a bigger favour to herself , meets Rahul Rajgopal? What happens when such contrasting personalities meet? Thunder, lightening, World War 3…..or probably love?

Imperfect Mr. Right mirrors the young Indian society as it is today. A young society that believes in being ruthless, ambitious, sometimes superficial, immensely competitive and somewhere among all that there is a slight ray of hope that’s called Love. A society that is very individualistic, has a focused sense of time and purpose and believes in the present.

What I loved the most about the book is the fact, that it gradually moves towards a little feeling called Love. There are no sudden dramatic moments, there are no sub-plots, there is no unnecessary details given. The focus is very much on the principle characters and their emotional journeys. There are moments when you want to get into the book and give Tanya a friendly advice and there are moments when you want to just smile at the simple yet complicated chemistry between Tanya and Rahul.

Imperfect Mr. Right is a perfect read for men and women alike. No, I will not compartmentalize it into a chick-lit because honestly there is nothing ‘flimsy’ about it. (yes, I find Chick-lit an equivalent to an Akshay Kumar movie) Every reader will find a character that he/she identifies with. Every reader will identify with Rahul’s predicaments and every reader will connect with Tanya’s guarded demeanor. I could go on and on, but that would mean revealing the story to you… and well, that’s unfair, right?

So whatcha waiting for? I suggest you go to the nearest bookstore and if you are too lazy then get online and order the book right away! It will be your perfect companion on a Sunday afternoon with a lazy Mojito or a Chai Latte if you are on a detox diet!



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And for all of you, who are not in India.. don’t you boo-hoo just yet.. Order here!

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