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Zomato Restaurant Guide 2012 is here!

May 27, 2012

I am a certified self-proclaimed Foodie. Yes, one of the many reasons you will perpetually find me cribbing about workouts and waistlines. Having been in Bangalore for over 5 years now, I honestly feel that Bangalore offers the widest range of cuisines. It is a foodie-heaven. Over the years, I have spent many weekdays making a list of must-go-to new or old eateries and spent many weekends trying out those eateries. Over the years, I have also become that person that friends, friends of friends and acquaintances call up to ask, “I want to try something new in Italian in Indiranagar.. where to go?” or “SOS Tanu! My Dad’s birthday and I  don’t know where to go with the family!!!” My usual response is “Breathe! And let me think and message you back!” So when it comes to Bangalore eat-out scene, I am in love with it! It is  definitely a place for many gastronomical delights!

My usual search suspect has been (got the Mobile app too). And so when Zomato released their Restaurant Guide, I sighed at the thought of ‘yet another restaurant guide-book‘. But when I managed to get my hands on it (yes! I collect Restaurant guides too.. hello! Read the first para again.. :P) I knew this was special! Here are some of the reasons why you must..and yes MUST get this in your collection, well, that is, if you are a true-blue foodie…

  • The listed restaurants are not just your usual suspects that you may think are biased options. The restaurants are top-rated and have the best user reviews on the website. So it is practically a guide that has been put together by Zomato’s many patrons. There are no mammoth listings of all eateries of Bangalore..coz that would need at least 3 volumes. But it has a very catered and focused listing of the best of Bangalore. (authentic)
  • The best part about the Guide is that it has recommendations for our many occasions and moods, such as – Romantic Dinner, Catching-up, Girls’ Night Out, Sunday Brunch, Dining with Kids, Late Nighters and Value for Money. So now you know where to look when you are looking for the best place for your special occasion and the ever-changing mood! (Ingenious)
  • The Guide begins with a page description on How-to use the Guide. So make sure you go through the what-each-symbol-means exercise. From explaining the various categories to icons and what each restaurant detail tries to tell you.. the quick how-to will help you read the Guide a better and quicker way. Definitely a plus! (Reader-friendly)
  • An innovative feature of the Guide is the QR code, they have given for each restaurant. So all you got to do is pull out that smartphone, scan and view the restaurant menu on Zomato’s WAP portal. Awesome, right! All you literally got Bangalore eateries on your fingertips! (Innovative)
  • The book has been cataloged very neatly. The first half lists the restaurants and clubs as per the category with page number reference to the second half of the book that has the Restaurant Details. (Easy-to-browse)
  • Many of us walk into a restaurant and ask the waiter, “What is your recommended starter?” The Guide has the answer to that perennial question! The Restaurant Details section has a ‘Don’t Miss!‘ box that gives you a tiny list of recommended dishes that you have to try! *glee* For people like me, who are always on the lookout for something new, this is perfect! Of course, if you don’t like it, don’t come looking for me with a gun! 😛 (Value-added feature)
What I miss in the Guide? Well, if I get really picky and look for a needle in the haystack, I would have loved “Parking Information“. Knowing Bangalore and its many parking woes, that is primary information that any family looks for when it goes dining out. Another thing I would have loved is if the Ratings were mentioned in the first half of Restaurant categories listing. Many diners prefer to go to places that are high rated and mentioning that in the first half itself could be job-half-done!
The makers of the Guide have spent some thoughtful moments on really understanding what the customer is looking for. They have identified every conceivable category in which a diner falls and bucketed restaurants in them.  The idea is to first identify your mood and the cuisine and then look up the Guide for its recommended choices! If I had to list, my favourite categories are – Girls’ Night Out (forgotten the several times I researched on a place safe, fun and friendly!),  Value for Money (for those end-of-the-month crisis) and Notables (for those corporate dinners and lunches when you need the best!). Beer in a Bar is another innovative title given to the breweries and pubs catalog, something Bangalore is proud of!
All in all, I found the Zomato Restaurant Guide super useful! Something I definitely recommend you buy and keep it in your bag for easy and ready reference. And oh! I know I raved only about the Bangalore guide, but this guide is available for 10 cities of India – Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad! *woah*
More details are found here!
Kudos to the team of Zomato for spending the time and energy in really understanding the needs of a Foodie! *cheers*
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  1. May 27, 2012 5:44 PM

    Hi Tanu, putting up the rating of the restaurant in the first half of the guide is a great suggestion. Will definitely have this in the next edition (or reprint, if it keeps selling like this) of the guide! Thanks for the review.

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