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Musings of a Trying-to-be-hopeful Mind

April 22, 2013

These are tough times.

Times when you consistently try and try and try yet fail. Times when you want to keep the faith, but the only thing you keep is negativity. Times when you rethink your decisions and have a hint of regret. Times when you wonder what your life would have been if you hadn’t jumped off the cliff. Times when you think jumping off that cliff wasn’t so brave after all. Times when you think you are just another ambitious woman wanting her chance to be someone in the world.

Should i change my career course? Should i continue to positively try in the same career choice? Should i do something radical? Should I not get so ambitious? Should i give up?
No – is my instant answer to the last question.

One of those days when I look at the tough times and hope for a higher power to take action.

PS: sitting in a cafe, pouring thoughts on my blog, hoping to lighten the head and bring back the hope.

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  1. April 30, 2013 10:50 AM

    Nooooooo, keep fighting. One day, when you actually are successful, these days will seem a very, VERY distant memory. Keep fighting and never stop working hard. And never ever get comfortable. Do things that scare you because perseverance is what gets a reward.

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