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Day 14: A Promise. A Commitment.. – Part 2

October 16, 2011

Ashi’s little cousin came running into the room. “Jiju is here! Jiju is here!” There was suddenly a flurry of activities and Ashi was surrounded by a lot of women who pulled her towards the altar, gave a million instructions at the same time and made her sit coyly on a stool. Ashi stole glances towards the entrance hoping to get a glimpse of Ramit. But there was a sea of Kanjeevaram sillk saris that blocked her view!

Ramit had finally arrived at the venue. The walk from the car to the altar was all a haze. He was surrounded by a lot of his aunts who were giving instructions all at the same time. He was taken to the entrance of the venue where Ashi’s parents greeted him. He was then teased by the young cousins of Ashi.. which, although slightly embarrassing, Ramit enjoyed much! It was then that his eyes fell on Ashi, sitting at the altar. Ramit smiled at the sight of her. Very typically, Ashi was pretty uncomfortable at being the center of attention. He knew she was dying to get out of that sari and wear her ragged jeans and t-shirt. And yet, Ashi was a vision of beauty. The kohl-lined eyes, the minimal jewelery and the slight smile made her eyes sparkle. Ramit could not wait to get married to her!

Ramit and Ashi got engaged amidst much fanfare. Today Ramit has penned down his vows. He wants to frame his Promise to Ashi, and give it to her as their wedding gift.

I promise. I promise to keep that smile of yours always intact. I promise to make you laugh. I promise to take you for holidays because I know you want to backpack around the world. I promise to be a patient muse when you experiment with your DSLR. I promise to maintain the sparkle in your eyes. If ever I see your eyes clouding over… I will get my act together. I promise to accept your past and look forward to having a future with you. I promise to never let you down. I promise to love your stubborn nature. I also promise to let you show me the way when I am lost on the roads of Bangalore. I promise to always call you ‘beautiful’ even when you are in your rags, coz well, you are beautiful even in your rags! I make this commitment with my whole heart that everything I do in my life, every decision I make, every step I take.. will be towards making you the happiest woman in this world!


  1. October 16, 2011 9:29 PM

    I read Part 1 and Part 2.. you a gifted writer.. one who can make reader walk in the scene and imagine it as live. Waiting for Part 3.

  2. October 17, 2011 10:31 AM

    Too good.. i could actually visualize Ashi in that wedding attire ! The best part was the vows.. It was all Happies Endings .. which iLikes 🙂

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