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Day 13: A promise. A Commitment.. – Part 1

October 13, 2011

A Promise. A promise to keep. A promise to keep for eternity.

Ashi has had butterflies in her stomach for months now. She has conjured up scenarios of this very day, since she was an 8-year old girl. She had meticulously planned for months leading up to this day. The color ‘Blue‘ was chosen after much pondering and Ashi knew that she looked and felt her best, in Blue. She was always the ‘rebel’. Going against the traditional Red (also read: loud) and wearing minimal jewelery was her way to tell the many nagging aunts, “This is my life. And this is my day.

Ok! Enough of mulling over things of irrelevance. Must get ready quickly“, Ashi pulled herself to get ready.

Ashi did not exactly have a very smooth life. Her previous 2 relationships went from crazy to abusive. After running away from men and mostly herself for more than 8 years, Ashi was finally ready to take the plunge at 30. Yes, she was fabulously 30. Thick black hair, smooth dusky skin and deep black eyes .. she was gorgeous. It was almost 1pm and she had to start getting ready for the evening.

Ashi met Ramit at a common friend’s party. They both reached out for the last piece of the gooey chocolate cake at the same time and ended up chatting the entire night over the last piece of chocolate cake. Ramit was the ideal man. He had a good job, was articulate and was kind of a gentleman. But the best thing about him? His husky laugh and his amazing sense of humor. He cracked her up! Within a month, they knew they wanted to be together. They got their parents in one room and set the date.

Ashi was wearing her ear studs when her phone rang. It was Ramit. “He just can’t wait, can he?“, Ashi thought to herself.

Hey Ramit..

Ashi? Hey love! Are you ready? I am on my way!

Ha ha… you couldn’t wait, could you?

Noways! Can’t wait to put that gorgeous ring on your finger and have you for myself. But damn these 15 days till marriage! Why would our parents be so unjust?

Oh God Ramit! You are unbelievable… Ok I got to go. I have to get ready and these aunts of mine are chewing my brain with all their giggles.. Love you. See you soon, to-be-hubby!

She hung up on him, smiled to herself, glanced one last time at herself in the mirror and with a satisfactory nod, walked out of the room.

The stage was set. The pandit was waiting. The smell of fresh flowers engulfed the room. Everywhere she looked there were relatives, half of them, she did not even know names of. She looked for her mother and told her that Ramit was on his way with his family…..

Her family went into a tizzy. Everyone screamed out last minute instructions. People ran everywhere. The chaos! Ashi sat on a lonely chair in the corner of the room watching. She smiled to herself. The day was finally here. She is going to get engaged.. and then married! She just could not wait for Ramit to arrive.

(to be contd. in tomorrow’s post….)

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  1. October 13, 2011 11:34 PM

    Interesting…i can actually imagine her sitting in a blue sari in the corner of the room and observing everything around her…:-)

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