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The House is Full of Guests…..

February 24, 2009

Phew… i finally got some time after the long and amazing weekend.. to write… you see.. I am busy playing the ‘perfect host‘ at home! Seems like the year started with a lot of ‘travelling’ (which i love) and a lot of ‘guests-coming’ (which i love too, as in, i love to take care of people)…so after parents.. came my Best Friend of over 12 years… Rads.. I cannot begin to tell you how excited i was that she was coming.. plans were made, itineraries were drawn… parties were planned.. leave was taken…and names were put on various guest lists! It was ‘Partyy-hyy time’!!!!! 😀

So we did a Masquerade Ball at Opus, a Submerge evening at Fuga, a Spa session and a short trip to Bheemeshwari (for a day picnic complete with Poha and Cold Salami sandwiches) and of course the alcohol! :)…. It was a great fun weekend…and we had a blast… there was a whole lot of ‘male bashing’ that my hubby endured… but then.. he knows.. when Rads n I meet, the men go insignificantly to the background! 🙂 
So she left today, and tomorrow, another very close friends (couple) Ash and Sid are landing and staying the full weekend..and i cant wait to spend time with my Favourite couple… they are not only fun but fun-er and awesome company…and i guess its been ‘forever’ that i saw my favourite ‘biatch’… Ash i mean! :P.. so there is a College Reunion, Pancake session, Home-made food session and a party planned! 
A full weekend, coming right up! 
PS: Don’t worry Anand and Rakesh (my Blog buddies) – i will still manage to write about something that i want to write about.. gimme time till tomorrow! 😉 till then, kindly endure the ‘update’ post! hehe….
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  1. mysticmelodiez permalink
    March 1, 2009 11:01 PM

    With you and Rads together, a party would be inevitable, lol. It sure sounds like a fully loaded weekend of fun and frolic 🙂 kudos to your enthu energy though gal 😉

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