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Some Wonder-ments….

February 24, 2009

Caution: A bit of ‘male-bashing’ coming right up… so in case you are one of those men, who think too highly of yourself or you are one of those, ‘MCPs‘… (pardon the language)… i suggest, you dont read further… and come back when i write a new post! 🙂 (u know i dont wanna loose readers.. and i am not always this bashing-types)…. [innocent smile]….

So…. I was just wondering:
  • Why are men so full of themselves? 
  • Why do men, despite not knowing the directions to a location, would rather go round and round and loose way, than ask a woman (who probably does know the way…. but is left unheard)
  • Why do men ‘make a joke’ and ‘pull your leg’ and get so oh-so-angry-and-pouty when a woman pulls their leg and says something funny about them? I mean, they can get sarcastic and ‘apparently funny’, but if the woman does the same thing – its a ‘oh-you-are-so-bad-with-jokes’?
  • Why do men  get so defensive if you criticize them? They always have a ‘joke’ ready in their pockets… in case you try and criticize them – just an effort guys, to make you more ‘human’!
  • Men have this bad habit of behaving weirdly in front of their wives/girl friends/partners when they are in the esteemed company of their male back-slapping friends (brothers)…. why is it so difficult to give respect to women in front of your friends guys? Why cant you just behave normally like you do when you are alone with us? A Man get possessive about the woman when they are around ‘her’ friends’ but suddenly in front of his ‘male’ friends, all the decorum goes flying out of the window!
  • Whenever the woman and her girlfriend talk privately, why is it that the man thinks that we are definitely ‘bitching’ about them? i mean come onnnn guys..we could be discussing very very private and intimate details!!!!
  • Why are men so aggressive about everything they do.. and they have this weird ‘reverse psychology‘ going on with the women… that does get on to me!
  • Why do men think, its a thing of ‘pride’ if they do not know how to give women surprises? I mean – how difficult is it? Don’t forget important dates, give lots of flowers, give lots of surprises (small ones will also do) and always give compliments when the woman makes an effort to dress up! 
hmmm… just wondering…
PS: ohh i do love men.. and i think they are adorable and nice.. but sometimes their attitude and their testosterone gets on to me!!!! grrr
  1. Rakesh permalink
    February 25, 2009 5:36 AM

    Wow, seems like you’re having a lot of fun entertaining friends… But male bashing? Not good…And what’s with the consolation prize at the end – PS: ohh i do love men.. and i think they are adorable and nice…Looks like I’ve to do a similar post on women then 😉

  2. Tanu Anand permalink
    February 25, 2009 6:33 AM

    @ Rakesh… i feel its extremely healthy to once in a while, do a session of ‘opposite-sex’ bashing.. i am sure u and ur guy frends would definitely like to crib about women over a pint! 🙂 and i am not that shallow… i love a session of Women-bashing too! :P…..and please..u must do this.. i am telling you.. it lifts a weight off your mind and u feel better about the ‘opposite sex’! hehe…

  3. Ruchi Mann permalink
    February 26, 2009 2:51 PM

    🙂 hehe hahaha….thats all so much a workaholic laughs!!but loved it…

  4. gurpreet permalink
    February 27, 2009 3:12 AM its 2:30AM here in london and i am still in the office working…i decided to take a break…saw that my dear friend had updated her blog…so thought of going thru it….well…i would like to share my experiences here….1) i agree sumtimes Men tend to think that no matter what it is, it is all about them…but what about women??? Women are always trying to get them to see that it should be all about her…When the truth of the matter is that in a relationship it should always be about the both of them!!! 2}I was dying to share my experiences read this….IT HAS BEEN A FULL 25 YEAR EXPERIENCE….WOMEN ARE NEVER GOOD WITH DIRECTIONS…NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY…ASK ANYBODY FOR DIRECTIONS BUT NEVER A WOMAN…SEEMS LIKE ITS NOT IN THEIR GENES…:)well my break ends here..but i have got a lot to comment about the other points..maybe in the next break…:)

  5. Anand permalink
    February 27, 2009 10:03 AM

    So..finally . U DO belong to a "Kill all men if u get the opportunity, once in a while" club. Good passtime eh?Actually….I didnt see any male bashing in ur post.. I jus saw u wondering on a few questions that might hv popped up in ur mind. Everything was a question..hardly any statement. :-)With me, when there's a pint involved.. Id gossip on and with jus bout anyone. No differentiationof caste, creed, name, position etc . u get it, dont u? :-) u remember Lil Mary that once had a lamb?? The one u had read bout when u were in school?? Well, shes all grown up now and has visited my blog.Chk her out.Anand. :->

  6. mysticmelodiez permalink
    March 1, 2009 10:30 PM

    Hey Tanu,Just started following your words of wisdom 🙂 I’m sure most of us “the fairer sex”, if you will, concur with your wonderment, lolz. Oh and I so agree that the occasional pursuit of “opposite sex bashing” purrfectly therapeutic 😉 cheers!!

  7. Tanu Anand permalink
    March 2, 2009 9:53 AM

    @ Anand — Certainly with a pint and a wine i would love to discuss anyone/anything/anyhow/anywhere! ;)… i agree.. it sometimes works as a stress-reliever! 🙂 and yes they were mainly ‘questions’ that popped up in my head…but some men did take it as male-bashing! 🙂

  8. Jagjit permalink
    April 1, 2009 8:13 AM

    Uhuhuh… That’s not fair. lol. but that’s an observation. all men are not like that, but i wont say that. its good to say what you want to. and yes, men are unreasonable at times. maybe at more times than women. that’s why they are from mars. 🙂

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