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Photo A Day Challenge: Paper

May 8, 2013

I am a collector of sorts. A collector of memorabilia. And not of famous people or soccer clubs, but of memories and occasions of my past. I have a little purse that has ticket stubs, restaurant bills of memorable meals, gift paper wrappers, dried flowers and letters! Remember the time when we wrote Letters? Yes, beautiful memories… Every time I start missing home or my friends or I start reminiscing about the time gone by, I open that little purse and my face lights up like a star.

Day 5: Paper. 

This piece of paper is very very dear to me. I was in my final year of Graduation college and was busting my ass for a killer exam to get through a top-ranked Post-Grad school. Every Sunday was a Mock test that I had to drag myself to and the nerves would just kill me. So on one of those Mock Sunday Exam day, my little sister and the cousin wrote this amazing letter of “All the Best” to me, complete with hearts and drawings and tips to succeed. They hid it in my wallet so I would only find it once I reach the exam. And obviously, as I sat in the exam hall, stressed out, I opened my wallet and there it was… The All The Best Piece of Paper with little hearts and smileys.

It was the best Mock Exam I had given. 🙂

That Piece of Paper is very dear because it reminds me of the strength that my Family is to me.

Nostalgic piece of Paper

Nostalgic piece of Paper

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