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Photo a Day Challenge: In My Cup

May 7, 2013

So I am 3 days behind in my Photo A Day challenge, but you see, I have been busy having a fabulous long-weekend holiday with the cousins in Northern Wales and Peak District! 😀 So this is me catching up!

Day 4: In my cup is this delicious and smooth Vanilla Latte by the West Cornwall Pastry Co. I have had a very mentally stressed day and we all know that only 2 things can make it all ok : Chocolate and Coffee. Since I am not much of a chocolate person ( yes, go on and gasp!), Coffee is my cup of sweet good life. One sip and you know it is all going to be ok!

So here is a cheer to that cup of joe that makes this world a better place! 🙂 *clink*



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