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Cheesecake OR mud pie OR brownie OR….

January 10, 2013

Choices. It is an interesting word. Since the time we are born, we are lathered up in Choices. From the color of the nursery to the color of baby clothes to food and toys, we have always had Choices. But somehow, as we grow older, Choices become tougher and more troublesome. Choosing the right college or the right partner, we ache to not have to choose. What was once a simple and gleeful task of liking a ‘stuffed bear’ or the ‘stuffed dog’, is now a pain in the you-know-where.. Add to this dilemma, we now have too many choices. And there is always that tiny voice in the back of the head screaming “there is something better further up the ‘choice road’, so don’t settle for this”. Are we really settling?

Lately, I feel, the world has turned into a crib-pot! We are always second guessing the decisions we make, unhappy and dissatisfied. How scared are we of the wrong choice? Does it end our world? Why is it so difficult to just make a choice and be satisfied with it?

We need to trust the choice we make. Be it the exquisite mud pie or the refreshing Cheesecake or the reliable brownie, we need to believe in our choices. Opportunities will continue to arrive and we will have to make choices. But let’s not treat that as an enemy. Let’s not get scared of them and run in the other direction. And the biggest of all, let us not look regretfully at the ones not chosen. Because if you decide to have the Cheesecake, the mud pie and the brownie.. you are headed for stomach cramps and weight gain!

So I would like to look at life as the display window of a pastry shop and choose wisely. It may sometimes look like a rushed or wrong decision, but as long as I trust what I choose, I think I will be happy.

After all, what is life, without an adventurous choice?

  1. Jandy permalink
    January 11, 2013 10:54 AM

    Blame it on the mall culture. Earlier we had the milkman bring milk from the cows. Now we get to choose from 11 different milk cartons in different varieties of fortification.

  2. January 14, 2013 11:26 AM

    I guess we also need to learn to try and take up new choices that are less explored and not go down the tried and tested part… it gives us a new perspective and better conviction on the choices we constantly have to make

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