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Day 10: It’s Festival Time, baby!

October 10, 2011

Wheeee! It is that time of the year… there is happiness in the air, spring in our steps, shopping bags in the car, wallets without cash and yet there is happiness in the air!
It is the Season of Festivals!! So what say, Wheeee again? 😀

The festivities begin with Ganesh Chaturthi and Eid.. moves on to Onam, the primary festival in Kerala.. next up Navratras (the celebration of Goddess Durga with lots of Garba and Dandiya, primarily in the Western part of India) coinciding with Durga Pujo (a huge festival in the Eastern part of India, it is also a celebration of Goddess Durga, only with a slight difference). Then comes Dussehra.. a celebration of Good over Evil.
The 3 months of festivities culminate with — Diwali. This festival of lights, happiness, prosperity and togetherness is celebrated across the country and beyond with great gusto!

For me, Diwali is the celebration of Family, Togetherness, Tradition and Rituals. Even before I got married and had a house of my own, I was more than involved with the preparations for Diwali than just bursting crackers with the neighbourhood kids. Preparing the Rangoli, buying bright new clothes, preparing the Diyas with oil and wicks, buying the flowers from the local market, cooking lots of yummy food.. and of course the endless “Teen Patti” sessions which ran well into the night!

As I grew up, I got even more serious in following the culture and traditions set by my mother and aped all her preparations and moves. Even to the level of giving the exact instructions to the Pati. 😛

While living as a Paying Guest in Pune, that one unfortunate Diwali that I was stuck in Pune, alone, I made it a point to draw a simple Rangoli, buy Laxmi-Ganesh and couple of Diyas to light up the house. Made some quick Chana-Puri and Halwa, settled in my blanket and watched back-to-back Karan Johar flicks. sigh!

I am now married and have a beautiful home.. and I cannot wait to go “Diwali shopping“! I even have my Silk Sari picked out for the occasion. This Diwali is going to be a grand one.. my in-laws are coming to spend Diwali with us and I cant wait to give the house, a makeover! New curtains shall be bough, new table covers and bed sheets, lots of scented candles and diyas and oh! new lamp shades. Wheeee.. I cannot wait for the weekend to come. 😀

Diwali is always the time of the year..when I am the happiest. All the twinkling lights, delectable food and family togetherness, makes Tanu, a happy young woman! 😉

A few of the clicks from my Diwali celebrations, last year!

The Puja at home..Chalo haath jodo.. 🙂

The entrance of our house!


  1. October 10, 2011 11:33 PM

    ya. These 3 months are the most happening months of the year! love the festive mood all around. Even before one festival is over, the next one is round the corner.

  2. October 10, 2011 11:43 PM

    🙂 have a fun time Tanu 🙂

  3. October 11, 2011 3:45 PM

    Diwali for me the exact same as u mentioned, there is only one diwali I spent away from home and I was a sulking baby at that time

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