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My 2010 Resolution List

January 5, 2010

New Year Resolutions. Everyone makes them. Everyone breaks them. They say “Rules are meant to be broken”.. I think they were thinking of New Year Resolutions that millions of people keep try to keep… when they wrote that. Two resolutions that I hear every year from a minimum of 5 people are — Quit Smoking and Lose Weight. I don’t bother asking these people if they managed to do any of the 2 because by 2nd week of January they would be broken.

I stopped making resolutions a couple of years back. They never appealed to me. Well I will contradict myself just now – I have made 4 Resolutions for 2010. I have made them on a whim and I hope I stick to them till Dec 2010. I feel documenting such things always help. They work as constant reminders for your disorganized brains. So here goes:

  1. Get a job by May 2010, that pays me what I deserve. I think (and i am sure I will have a dozen people nodding aggressively with me) I am highly underpaid. I love my work and I once-upon-a-time had a philosophy that I don’t care how much they pay me but I should love the work. I still believe in that. But I really think that if one is a lover of the good life, then the green bills go a long way. So I feel, if I am working my ass off and I am being passionate about my work, I need to be paid accordingly. Period.
  2. Start saying NO to things I do not believe in/do not agree with/do not want to do. I think this is one thing that will improve the person I am, if I succeed. I have a habit of saying Yes to people (mostly bullies) for things that do not appeal to me just so that I don’t upset them. Well, stopping it starting today. I need to stand up for me and not have people run all over me. Just because I don’t say No and just because I smile and take your s**t, does not make me a wuss. Therefore, “NO thank you. I am not interested.”
  3. Do not get overtly emotionally attached to people/places/things. I have an amazing knack of getting myself sucked up into an emotional mess. I also have a brilliant way of getting attracted to people with emotional problems. Not that I hate it (I love to get people to smile and make them a happy lot) but I think end of it all, I tend to get emotional about it and it affects me. I don’t think I want that. I get attached to people/places very easily and when I show it, it seems I am the only fool. Therefore, control on emotions STRONGLY!
  4. Make a trip to Greece OR Italy OR Thailand this year. I have seen enough dreams of visiting these places. My Internet Explorer ‘favorites’ is teeming with bookmarked ‘Great Hotel Deals’ at MykanosPlaces to see’ at Koh Samui and ‘Best Beaches in the world’. This year I want to accomplish travelling to 1 of the 3 locations for sure! I used to have a sob story of I-have-no-money ready with me when anyone asked. But I think its time I started shuffling my account and allocating funds. The bikini is ready and my travel guide print-outs are in hand – all I need is the plan!

*Cross my fingers and hope to stick to them!!*

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  1. January 5, 2010 3:29 PM

    quite urgent and useful resolutions thr. 😀

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