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Random Thoughts that crossed my mind…

July 26, 2009

Change is Constant.. haven’t we all lived with this notion forever? Yet..when change does happen..we think about it..sometimes fret about it..accept it..use the term ‘accept’ …and with it.. 🙂 It was a random thought that crossed my mind today and I just wanted to pen it down..

My sister is growing up.. yes..she is my kid lil sister who I have, literally, brought up! So yeah, it is very very difficult for me to ‘Accept’ that she is grown up. There are many times that I probably frown upon her activities…but then end of the day, I feel, I am just being over-protective and when I was her age, I did do some of the things that she is doing now! So yeah.. I need to ‘Accept’. I know I know.. But kya karein, its like a second nature for me to tell my lil sis, what is wrong and what is right.. even though I know she is doing nothing wrong!
Another change that happened – Marriage! You know, I always thought… I knew my Pati for 4 years before getting hitched and marriage wont really change anything, we are still gonna be the same 2 persons, just living together now! But I was wrong.. It changes a whole lot of things, it changes you – maybe just makes you more mature, teaches you to compromise, teaches you to respect feelings, teaches you to be polite and control your anger. Dont get me wrong – I DO recommend it to all! Its the most Amazing thing in the world! 🙂 But be prepared to make a hell lotta changes in your life. You get responsibilities, you CANNOT be frivilous and you definitely cannot take your life for granted – coz now you are sharing it with another person. hmmm… I have changed and I have ‘accepted’ it! 🙂 Yeah..its a wonderful life!
I remember the time when I wrote a letter (in colourful pens and little paper cut-outs) and mailed it to MTV Select so that my heart-throb, then, Nikhil Chinappa, could read it! Sigh…. And look at NOW – I am Following Nikhil Chinappa on Twitter and I go to Fuga everytime he comes to play there.. How Things Change..
So, on another note, I am on Twitter now.. Officially I say..and I must say, its highly addictive..the good part is I have actually acquainted myself with tonnes of people through this addictive lil thing- My friend circle is ever-increasing, I say! 😉
Another thing I love about Twitter is how people we call ‘Stars’..Bollywood and Hollywood are ‘Regular Twitter Users’ and its honestly quite fun to see their personal photos on Twitpic, to see them talk about their regular life with such honesty and ease.. Me Likey..
I read today about how there was a huge debate in Rajya Sabha regarding the show – Sach Ka Saamna. The politicans consider the show “Offensive to good taste and decency”.. REALLY?? So they should probably issue notice to all reality shows across channels for the same offence.. I think, that the politicans are scared that one of them might just go on the show and all his ‘Kali Kartoot’ will be aired on TV.. Ha Ha! Honestly Mr. Politican, grow up! We are all adults, if we dont wanna watch it, we will change channels. Stop concentrating on what we should be watching, and work on catching rapists, murderers and erasing other evils of the society! hmph!
Some of the thoughts that rumbled through my head…just meant to pen it down.. Thanks to my sister, who insisted that I am being an emotional wreck and If I pen these feelings down, I will feel better! Thanks Sis, I DO feel much better now! 🙂
  1. Rakesh permalink
    July 27, 2009 4:07 PM

    Yeah Change is constant… but you're still with Nikhil Chinappa! Grow up, he's become an Uncle now. He was hot like, a 100 years ago…

  2. Tanu Anand permalink
    July 28, 2009 5:05 AM

    no no no!!!! Nikhil Chinappa is still hot! Have u ever seen him in action? He doesnt look a 100 yrs..he can actually give ayushman and Hoezy a run for their money! 😛

  3. sonali permalink
    August 17, 2009 5:50 AM

    touchy post, nice.

  4. Tanu Anand permalink
    August 17, 2009 9:38 AM

    @Sonali Thanks girl.. tried to pen down watever was in the mind! 🙂

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