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and almost a month later… tired…wanting another holiday…

February 7, 2009

So… i am back.. after almost a month of crazy crazy days…and weeks.. don’t ask! it has been one roller coaster ride of activities..visits…work..blah blah blah..and absolutely no time to write.. so i should fill you up on what i have been up to.. even though i am quite tempted to skip this all and go directly to ‘full throttle bitching’ (which i intend to do somewhere down this post)….pissed and grrr-ed about a lot of things around me….

so… after my ‘no shopping syndrome’ (which i proudly and unfortunately say – still continues..woohooo and whaaan)… my parents and my lil sis were in town..and we had an absolute Blast!!! it was THE high point of the month gone by! i made my parents extremely proud [pull up my non-existent collar] cooking for them exotic mother couldn’t stop gushing “meri beti kitni susheel ho gayi hai” (my daughter has become so smart)…. pancakes…kebabs..poha..omlettes…i fed them all! 🙂 took my dad and family out to  a club.. (it was my dad’s first time in a club and he was thrilled)…took off to ooty for a weekend… which i must say is beautiful..not really the town but the surroundings and the hotel we stayed in — Sherlock hotel! so all in all..10 days went by in a flash and before i knew it my work was piling up… aaah!
what else? oh! my best Friend is coming down in the last week of feb.. and that is what i am looking forward to.. cant wait to put my feet up and chill..which also means “i am not feeling well today cough cough” at work…and partying! yippe doodle yaya!!! 🙂
i saw Luck By Chance and Slumdog Millionaire…and the latter was fantabulous…and i will fight with whoever says that – the film only showed bad side of india.. coz really..guys open your eyes..that’s what 60% of India is! and accept it and do something about it!!!..and honestly..the movie is not about India… the movie is about a ‘Slum dweller’ who becomes a millionaire! so why make a mountain out of a mole hole! or whatever… Luck by chance was Good — but slow.. farhan was good..Konkana was natural and at her fact the movie i felt was more about her! so yeah i liked.. 🙂
oooh and i fume at the thought of the Ram Sena or whatever crap they are…trying to occupy print and media doing unimaginable and extremely derrogatory things to women? why the hell are they doing this in the name of Sri Ram?? could someone explain? who are they? my father does not say anything to my going to club..then who are they? maaan…i didnt wanna put the news channel..lest i hear them talk bulll! seriously…We need to see wayy beyond all this in our country.. if they think this is not our culture..then they should probably burn up Hampi and Khajuraho..and bury Kama Sutra copies…! that was indian culture rite? as far as i remember my history! them..and their attitude..and i hope that our political and legal system wake up before its too late!
That’s about it.. i guess.. 1 month of frenzy and ‘need to bitch’! anyone open for that? and i plan to dedicate 2 posts to ‘tags’ ..i even though i have not been tagged on any of the subjects..i shall take them from Friends and give due credit.. dont worry guys..i am not anu malik! 😉
tadaaaa…. and see ya before the next month is over… 🙂
  1. Rakesh permalink
    February 8, 2009 8:28 AM

    Whoa!!! That is one steaming post… Can still imagine steam coming out of your ears 🙂 Does putting it on your blog make you feel relieved? Now just mail the link to your colleague – that’ll be some fun. he he

  2. Tanu Anand permalink
    February 9, 2009 6:45 AM

    hahahaha! yes Rakesh… i feeel SOOO much better after the outlet.i swear i love blogging! ;)and PS: i have removed her from my gtalk list..lest she reads it.. lil scared! hehe… but frankly my dear i dont give a damn..! infact i think it will be better if she reads it..some sense drilled there! 🙂

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