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Damn the Calories…Damn the Kgs….

September 11, 2008

grrrr….so i am seething with anger..and could probably knock someone down…i mean what do ‘they*’ want? How much more will ‘they*’ make a woman suffer?When can i be happy?What is the definition of IDEAL? phew…tanu to self [calm urself down], let me ask you – what is the ideal weight? what is the so called ‘ideal’ BMI? what is the ‘ideal’ fat body index..blah blah blah!….where do we stop? where do we say…”yeah this is great..i feel i am HOT!”… its like a never ending battle and women are mostly caught in the bang middle of it…i dont see men bothered – most of them – about their growing waist size or increasing “hip to waist ratio” blah blah blah…..?? why..god…why us???? phew..again.. I am just a victim..after loosing, almost battling, with 10 extra kgs…i get myself to something “lookable”…and now the “BMI Report” tells me to loose another 10 kgs for the “ideal” weight! aaaarrrrggghh……again..where do they stop? damn the calories..damn the kgs..i wish there was a ‘saw’ close by…

*they = referred to nobody in particular

  1. Bubbasamuel permalink
    September 11, 2008 11:21 AM

    hmmm…the weighty issue. well y are women so obsessed with it anyway?. you’d never find a man who’d say ur heavy on the face. maybe u should stop asking machines for opinions.

  2. Wafa permalink
    September 11, 2008 11:35 AM

    Well huney that’s the way it is.. some of us who are not the ‘gifted’ ones have to either be reborn with a better shape or work our ass out as if we have nothing better to do in life to get the ‘IDEAL’ weight or just don’t care about it as far as we fall into the cutely plump category 🙂 after all it’s always easier to maintain the cuteness 🙂 so, damn the machines and damn the people who say anything about your weight.. feel good from inside and look healthy..

  3. Tanu Anand permalink
    September 11, 2008 11:38 AM

    prabhu….cant help it..the ‘obsession’ comes as part of being a woman!..and i sort of agree with ‘not listening to the machine’…! :)wafa…muah!…thanks for being the support..haha..i think cutely plump is a better option..but for once..i do wanna be ‘ideal’ weighted! hahaha

  4. Shitika permalink
    September 11, 2008 12:05 PM

    well we care so much because we want to look good in front of the society…now it has come to a point when weight issues and body figure is all about “fetishism”… ideally fetish was about clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags, cosmetics.. but now.. its about your own body!!! we want to compete with other women, make all the men in the room “gasp” when we enter a room.. tht is wat it is all abt!!!!

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