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Photo a Day Challenge: 7 o’clock = Zzz o’clock!

May 22, 2013

Day 15: Yes. Why would any soul who does not have to rush to work, would want to do anything other than *this* at 7AM?? Pray, do tell!

So this was me, trying to snatch a little bit of sleep from the hands of bright sunlight streaming into the room like the devil!

*over dramatic sigh*

Please let me sleep.. pretty please!!!

Please let me sleep.. pretty please!!!



Photo a Day Challenge: Need

May 20, 2013

Day 14: Need Sun, Sand and Slumber, badly!!

This depressing weather is quite sad and I am craving some sun. A self-confessed water baby, I cannot wait to get to gorgeous beaches and let go of all the daily madness in return for complete peace and quiet. *sigh*

Need a Sunny vacation!

Need a Sunny vacation! 

Photo taken at Krabi, Thailand.

Photo a Day Challenge: Sunrise and New Life

May 17, 2013

2 posts in a day!! Wow..! ūüėÄ

So, it is my happy happy birthday today. *sing with me* I am very much a birthday person.. love to celebrate.. love to enjoy the day and I will be the one jumping about the house singing to myself! ha. Even though everyone warned me that turning 30 will be a depressing day and I will probably spend it in bed not wanting to see anyone’s face, it is quite the contrary. I am up and about. Have made plans to get dressed, go outside by myself, see a museum or two and treat myself to a wine-and-dine experience.. Of course, the dear husband has planned a lovely romantic evening too so can’t wait for that either.

Ok enough about the birthday plans.. coming to the post.

Day 13: Sunrise. The reason I am posting this lovely moment captured in Rajasthan, India is because it is an important day. The dawn of a new decade. The start of (hopefully) a maturer phase, although I doubt that highly! *rubs hands in glee* I definitely don’t want to lose my madness in the quest to grow up. I definitely don’t want to become serious in the quest to be the ‘age’. I do strongly believe that Age is just a number, thanks to having a mother who is just like that!

On my 21st Birthday I had told myself that I will experience everything till I am 30 then choose what I love the most and go with it. I think I have made that decision. What I want to do with this new phase are 5 things:

  • Love and respect my body. It is time to ditch the I-hate-this-part-of-my-body moment and embrace what I have and love it!
  • Love the Life I have. I have accomplished a lot in my 20s and it is time to honour that. I want to take this blessed life with both my hands and make it special.. so when I am 70 and old and with no teeth, I can babble about the fun times to my¬†grand kids!
  • Focus on my bravest dreams and make them come true. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to dream.. but all that I dreamt in my 20s has to now become reality. So it is time to push that dream¬†and make it special!
  • Travel till my feet hurt and then travel some more. I think this is my motto for the 30s. I want to see every little and big spectacle in the world and experience the best of the things.
  • And finally, continue to dance and laugh. 2 of my traits that I wish to not hide nor forget!

So here is to a new phase and a new lifetime of making memories. It feels like a new beginning, I think! ūüôā

New beginnings..

New beginnings..

Photo a Day Challenge: Mother

May 17, 2013

I have never really written a public thing for my mother. It has always been a letter to her or a letter about her to myself or even a conversation about her with myself in the mirror. This is the first time.

Day 12:¬†My mother is my biggest strength on this planet, closely followed by my father, sister and the dearest husband. She is a crazy, highly energetic, loud, emotional and a very endearing woman. Her strength is what legends are made of. I probably get the mad, loud, emotional part from her followed by my dad’s will to succeed.

Mumma, as I like to call her, has been my support all my life. She has always stood by my side through mistakes,¬†successes¬† challenges and every little step I took in my life, always pushing me to do my best. Her creativity inspires me, her love for life amazes me, her emotional strength keeps my family together. I haven’t known any other woman who has the kind of zest for life, like she has. I am probably tearing up as I write this because she is so far away from me.. but I can’t imagine a day of my life without listening to her laughing voice.

My initial years, especially the troublesome teens were not so beautiful. Mumma was strict with me and there were times that I hated her most. But now when I am older and probably wiser, I look back at all those moments and thank God for making my mother so strict and vigil. It is because of those instances that I am the person today. I have patience, strength and an emotional quotient that is only possible if your mother has put ALL of herself in to raising you.

I will always be indebted to her for the life that I have today, the unconditional love, the unending support and the forever cheer. If you are lucky to have met her or meet her in future, you will never know that she is of the age she is because she looks 10-15 years younger… her energy is 10 times mine and is the best dressed person in the room.

So here is to you, Mumma, you are my rock and the most amazing woman I know! Love you loads…

My Mumma

My Mumma

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