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Photo a Day Challenge: A Snack

May 13, 2013

Now that I am doing my 1 week countdown to the big 3-0 *shudders*, the mind is asking me to do a couple of things to make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • It is just a number, woman!
  • You are as young as you feel…
  • START taking your vitamin tablets, now!
  • I know you are already a health-conscious fool, maybe get healthier?
  • And finally, what are you going to wear on your birthday?? 😀

So, in my new attempt to follow a healthy(er) lifestyle, there are few changes that have been brought in my refrigerator. More fruits. More nuts. More healthy snacks. Yoghurt has always been a top favourite  so it is filling up my shelf in the form of regular plain yoghurt and amazingly yummy flavour ones. I am not so fond of fruits, do not like oranges.. but give me an apple and I am happy as a monkey!

So Day 9: A Snack, these are my top 3 favourite snack items that stop me from reaching for the bad cookies and worse soft drinks. 1 of these mid-mornings and 1 of these mid-afternoons and I already feel a healthy-wealthy person!

*cheers* to a good lifestyle, aye?

Favourite Snack!

Favourite Snack!

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