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I Want RESPECT in 2013

December 31, 2012

2012 can be pronounced as the year when Human Race forgot its Humanity. A year that should go down history as the year when Women were disrespected. And I am only talking about this mammoth country called India. Starting with Falak, the 2-month old victim of abuse to the girl in Guwahati who was molested in public and filmed without anyone making an effort to put a stop to it… to the 23-year old Delhi girl who was mercilessly and inhumanly gang-raped in the national capital. India Shining, really?

India has managed to show its stark reality amongst tall claims of economic and technological surge; a stark reality that its society is rotting from the inside, its humanity dying, its pillars crumbling.

I write this post on the last day of 2012 with a very eager yet troubled heart. I may not wear a black band or have a profile picture of a black dot on Facebook, but I am worried. I am worried for this country. We boast of a rich culture and traditional values and yet show such miniscule respect for fellow Indians. We put Laxmi/Parvathi/Saraswathi on a pedestal and yet we put the women of this nation to such shame. It seems like the country has lost all its glory and is running amok with its ruling government sitting by the sidelines with a broken spinal cord.

However pessimistic the above sounds, I have not lost all hope. A change has to be brought and history has taught us that when a government/ruler has shown no courage and leadership, people have risen and taken matter in their own hands. I see that flicker of hope among the People of sovereign India. There is fire in the eyes of the average Indian. Affluent, blue-collared, student, business person… the average Indian is standing up and saying NO. There are many efforts that are taking place simultaneously. Requesting You, the average Indian, to take part in at least one of them. It is perennial to do your bit to bring about this change. I think you will all agree when I say, ENOUGH!

Dear Government of India,

The People make you and they are what will break you. If you don’t do your job we will protest. We are not tolerant, anymore. We don’t want to say “chalta hai” anymore. We won’t let you throw us around like a shuttlecock. We won’t accept this apathetic attitude that you display. We are not stupid. You were given the job of protecting us and you have failed. We will make sure that you lose your job if you don’t pull your socks up. Consider this your PIP period.

Sincerely yours,
The Average Indian.

My hope to see a society that respects its women, is still alive. The change must come at the grassroots. We still have time to fix this.  One of the bit you can do is sign this Petition that this very brave woman – Namita Bhandare has begun. Sign this petition that will be presented to the President. This is a voice of change. It must be heard.


My hope is not lost…not yet!

Together, we can bring about a Change..

Together, we can bring about a Change..

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